Nordic Style Wall Hanging Storage Bag

$18.84 $28.60


Nordic Style Wall Hanging Storage Bag!

Simply hang on the wall and store all your essentials. Can be used to store essentials or even decorations!



  • The fabric is made of a polyethylene linen cotton. 
  • It is held with a cotton rope to mount onto a door or wall with a hook or nail. 
  • The natural color wooden stick provides the overall support for the storage compartments.
  • This can be used to store anything needed from your cell phones, wallets, keys, watches, shoes, hats, magazines, newspapers, books, toys, clothes, diapers, toiletry, and much more.
  • By allowing this to hang on the door or wall, provides more storage and creates a more spacious environment. 
  • Optimize your rooms by creating a more organized and minimalist design.