Baby Blanket Wrap

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  • Soft Newborn Baby Wrap Blankets.Thicken warm Cocoon for newborn 0-9 Months
  • Used as baby Blanket Swaddling, sleeping bag, stroller quilt, or crib wrap, etc
  • 100% cotton inside the sleeping sack, wrap the whole body and also foot as a footmuff as well
  • Thick and warm due to the thick material of cotton and the fleece 
  • Our Cotton is extremely breathable and soft, and it continues to get softer the more you wash it. Ideal for use on baby soft skin.
  • These blankets are more than large enough to swaddle a baby. 
  • The large size makes these swaddle blankets useable for long after the newborn period.

Material: 1. Fleece + cotton
               2. Flannel + cotton

It is suitable for 0-9 Months baby

0-3 months  Length 62cm (Hat to toe)  Width 78cm (Expand both sides)

3-6 months  Length 70cm (Hat to toe)  Width 84cm(Expand both sides)

6-9 months  Length 78cm  (Hat to toe) Width 90cm(Expand both sides)